Waterski or Die!     To win the big race and save the waterski club from clutches of the evil yachtclub owner you're going to need some keen skiing chops, and a little bit of help from your friends.

Coming soon to a phone near you...

Mar 20something, 2013

Decided to do all the cutscenes and related images in... Blender 3D! Why didn't you think of that? All the pain and suffering of a 3D program, without all those pesky benefits provided by tranditional 2D vector programs. Curves? Who needs them!

Workin' on some cutscenes

Git (B)log - March, 2013

add some keyboard navigation
editor - fix tile re-arranging
many many editor things. many.
undo/redo for drawing and pasting
Play level from editor
add editor icons and tool shortcuts
copy/paste for selection in chunks
code clean up (format)
Ctrl-pick tiles
add, deleting, moving track pieces
editor cosmetics
add drag and drop tiles
desktop editor loading
Add chunks image loading
start desktop level editor
logo on load
stun shockwaved skiers
fade transition for dialogs
All screens get fade transition
fade out audio tracks
turbo-charge boomerangs
change formation if hit hard
tweak sea spray effect
match carving amplitude
pause screen on game blur
Boomerangs can't hit sharks, yo.
game time for dialogs
use game time, not real time.
zoom bug
Fix end-of-level screen
Y axis inverted angle bug
multi-coloured bunting
add overlay dialogs. tutorial gfx
fade in win man
killer shark z-index fix
fix boat on intro loops
only speed up during level running
Add carving bonus
Fix high speed escapes-from-team-mates
pop up images. more ufos
Ufos. Ufos.
tighten spring. add wave effect
tweak spring physics

Finally getting to the meat of the game: the UFOs are coming. What are they doing here? We'll just have to wait and see, hey...

Git (B)log - Feb 18, 2013

game time for dialogs
use game time, not real time.
zoom bug
pass finish after timeover message
move some magic numbers to data
refactor level calls. add toggle helper
Fix end-of-level screen
Y axis inverted angle bug
multi-coloured bunting
add overlay dialogs. tutorial gfx
fade in win man
killer shark z-index fix
fix boat on intro loops
only speed up during level running
Add carving bonus
Fix high speed escapes-from-team-mates
pop up images. more ufos
Ufos. Ufos.
tighten spring. add wave effect
tweak spring physics

Git (B)log - Feb 13, 2013

Flash effect to teammate pickup
flash reappear bug
figure out real device screen boundaries
refactor colours
Add 'flash' effect when getting teammates
lil refactorz
fix for new Ejecta version
fix switching between modes
physics in formation - part I
Team mates can jump
switch between formation and chains
add block physics to teammates
Start straight in game
Team mates ahoy!
Add chained skiers
standing on shoulders
synchro formations. awesome.
fix sprites for ipad
center camera on level and player
boat leaves when level starts
Seemless looping for tutorial
mini flicker fix
Fade in intro level
looping map for intro
sort entities (fixes appearing bug)
no timer bar for intro area
un-sink after level-over
speedboat in the game!
no splash when sinking. sink drag
visual for cell editing
fix baddie Y tile bug
faster sinking. flashing warning
chunk things in the editor
more editor-ing. switch easily
remember state in editor

Git (B)log - Feb 5, 2013

fix undefined chunks
Add chunkthings index to editor
move editor to own file
add flags that slow you down
fix scripted entity Y coords
Chunk editor kinda working
more entity map editoring
Start entity editor
sink into water. overlayed text
shockwave smash
clean up targeting code
Shockwave when landing near skiers
Paris2Belgium. Refactoring some codez
wings pickup for jetpack

Git (B)log - Feb 1, 2013

My eyes, it burrrns!
time becomes fuel!
tweak player head timer
Blinking timer over player's head
add detour signs
can drift in to checkpoints after time over

now in COLOR!


Git (B)log - Jan 31, 2013

Faster max speeds for jumps and jetpacks
some nicer default levels
Add checkpoint markers on timer bar
Aw yeah - checkpoints are go!
(origin/master) change all checkpoint blocks on hit
clean up editor screens. newer levels
add gruesome blood to skiers
change checkpoint when hit
add checkpoints
Add level progress bar and pause button
centre and focus on player
greater control when jumping
remove old maps
refactor global map pieces
export custom maps via post request
switch between custom and default maps
rename global level vars
slow down the crazy enemy skiers
no sharks in tight places
fix getting stuck when dead on jetty
start for allowing custom maps
skiers above and below
Jetpack multiplier bonus
aggressive enemies, no sharks in tight spots
start smarter skiers
Highlight jumped jumps

Git (B)log - Jan 17, 2013

ejecta fix
pass positions to hit blocks
Fix cut screen size for iphone5
set max frame time
Clean game screen
fix physics order for skier
state machine fixes
entity tweakin
clean up index
callbacks for dialogs
some wacky sounds
Proper inheritance for buttons
Add 8bit track and crowd cheer
remove debug
move state machine thing
fix for touchend changes in ejecta
no carry-over jetpacks
time remain tweaks
y-coord physics fix
blinking time at end
Fix when player dies in solid area
Level countdowns
add motion blur effect
Can't die, just pause.
delta time for physics
re-introduce sfx for jumps
concrete jungle
Fix crazy controls
stabby rocks
Add depth-chargers and explosions
tune up
load cutscenes scene-by-scene
fast enemies

WaterSkiing. Breakfast of champions.

Git (B)log - Nov 22, 2012

refix for hearts
Fix image smoothing on love hearts
Remove old assets
Add tutorial placeholder. painting in editor
rope affixed to invisible boat
no more beach sharks. fix keyboard too.
Fix physics bug with edge hits
super bouncy edges
player bouncin refactor
iphone5 rendering
bouncing off edges
multiple block getting

The protagonist, Zune Flyski, has a friend who is a nerd. He invents things and can hack computers. He's responsible for the jetpacks. Also he will be key in unraveling the shocking mystery that no one is yet even aware of...

Added jet packs!

Git (B)log - Nov 16, 2012

error handling for level editor
testing alternate jetpack pickup
Epic collision detection refactor
shrink ipad stretched buttons
fix player no-more-bounce bug
Can't jetboost past end screen
canvas cleanups
Disallow going backward
must bash hard to kill skier
fix initial camera position
group jumping logic
Sharks eat skiers
call out some magic numbers
block handling for new block types
fix load ordering issue
behold the X-treme 80s programmer art!
behold the X-treme 80s programmer art!
behold the X-treme 80s programmer art!

Level editor for making levels on the train!

Git (B)log - Nov 14, 2012

Refactoring entity block hit handling
Add some grass and jetty
Boomerang falls if hits while slow
for real this time
smaller boomerangs
add 'stars' for levels
Add backup option for level ed
extra chunks for mobile editor
phone editor out-of-bounds
super level editor for iphone
Changed surfin image to waterskiing. Obviously
start of a level editor
Keep some random doods for now
First pass at non-random entities

Much like in the real world, winning the girl will be a difficult task.

Git (B)log - older

stretch options background image for ipad
springy y camera
stop end-of-level crash on ipad
remove old cutscenes
Add options screen
Add cutscene handler
Add in-game options
clean up button options
Add buttons and unlockable buttons
fix audio loading bug. add win audio
smaller sharks.
lame loader indicator
fix dom offset. Add game pause button
Fix images for ipad. Add splash buttons
add skip button to cut intro
more notes
lock in amphibious body-snatcher.
Add a win screen
remove debug
tighten up intro and cutscenes. fade ins
corret level hiscore
fix num tiles for ipad
Add hiscore times
timer on complete
add level timer
Keep waterbased entities in the water
times and sizes to generic
mo' lil bits
splash-y something
Add iPad support
Spinny boomerangs 1.
Add a todo list. serious stuff.
remove dead comments
Add state machine to level
end game handling
no hearts for clouds
post-level cut screens
force pause on intro screen
just love hearts
love hearts when save
level design
keyboard OR mouse controls
basic keyboard controls for desktop
Keep player over levels
fix end game alert
Add dialog overlays
Checkerboard finish
Multiple levels
skypickup edit
rename debug bounding boxes
renaming vehiciles to skiers
more cleaning
General screen cleanups
clean up for web version
remove old sounds
Sky pickups. woooo
gfx touchups. Loading message
Coin become lady. Trees on the beach
No splash effect when dead
nicer desktop frame
tweaking camera, levels
Add end of level (first pass)
Start keyboard handler
Remove camera debugging
Boomerang sprites
add boomerang sharks
REALLY springy camera
Springy camera
clean up level code
move camera to own file
move physics to entity base
Move widths and heights to camera
speed lines
add a camera
turn down intro
more cut intro
flashy splashy screen
Intro cutscreen setup
minor level and rope tests
move shark kindof
level playin
Add one-up
add screen shake
flip you physics
Add shark attack
add state machine, death states
crashin dudes
clean ma mess
physics is go \!
Some feel. physics forward bump
tweak controlz
YES. Controls are done
stop charset warnings
fix to iphone width
Add server exec debugging
rope in middle during jumps
some touchups
hit min velocity
opportunity clean
graphics fixes-ish
move up and down. stop enemies
trying wider levels
More flippin controls. Groovy man animations
more tweaking controls
Audio for Firefox
fix sharks
make work in Firefox
Fix bounding circle offset, slow down baddies
Tweak controls - no two lefts/rights
refactor player tick
tweaking rules, 80-ifying, smoothing
Fix entity removal. Add cash element
Adjust boat tow-rope anchor point
Add sharks and pickups
adjust title printing
bit more clean up
refactored resource loading
Querystring for desktop or iphone
80s-ify the whole shebang
init commit

Protagonist: Zune Flyski

Zune Flyski: rebel - and nifty waterskier - is on a mission to save the local waterski club from the evil yachtclub owner - Steve. Can he win the big race, save the clubhouse, get the girl, and perhaps reveal a shocking mystery?

Yes he can. This is his quest...